Are you using DNS blocklists (DNSBLs) correctly at every opportunity? 

A DNSBL check is the simplest, quickest and most economical method you have at your disposal. Given their set and forget simplicity, it’s far too easy to let them be a workhorse in the background while you focus on other matters.  

Our experts Carel and Skull walk you through email filtering with DNSBLs.  From the initial IP connection through to the end of content analysis.  We’ll cover how to apply IP, Domain and Hash blocklists to increase catch rates and reduce infrastructure costs.

Meet the speakers...

Emanuele photograph

Emanuele, Head of Technology

Affectionately known for years as 'Skull' within the industry, Emanuele has always been passionate about large scale internet threat management and email security.

With a background in sysadmin since 2000 (surely he can't be that old?) Skull spent a significant amount of time managing research and development for both system and network infrastructure, in addition to designing spam filtering architectures and methods.  

Nowadays Skull would describe what he does as "hiking / leaning out" (in sailing terms).  We'll leave it to you to work out what he means by that, or you can ask him in the Q&A!



Carel Bitter, Head of Data

Carel is part of the very fabric of The Spamhaus Project, having been with us for over a decade. Most of his time is spent investigting how a bad actor's infrastructure operates - and ensures internet users are protected from nefarious activity.

From malware and snowshoe spam to DNS, domains, and everything in between, Carel is always absorbed in a cat and mouse game, tenaciously and tirelessly hunting down malicious entities. With a focus on reputation across all internet resources, Carel enjoys reviewing any (and all) data that helps provide context, and ultimately protection. 

Carel can regularly be found presenting to audiences across the globe, sharing his knowledge and experience with others.

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